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The marsh land near the Hospital in Peterborough.

If I could

If  I  could explain my feelings to you I would. If I could share the secert of my soul,

I would release it this rock that like a cross I bear.

But it fits me like a comfortable shoe, it belongs to me, it is who I am.

They say the truth will set you free, I remain a prisoner holding a silent key.

In this unjust world we stumble looking for a better day and a new tomorrow.

If though my eyes you could see the world a different place would be.


Uniform gleaming

He seemed to carry the sun on his shoulders that day

as he stood at the door uniform gleaming.

Farm Hastings home.

War, hot miserable, savage jungle youth ends, comrades lost.

Sorrow regrets.

Orders shouted man down,broke into enemy lines to carry a fallen one.

Last time seen alive, Uniform gleaming.



As the leaves fall.

This is my window.   Ending softly the I was in of winds ascending. How far is my life extending and where does the night begin ?

The sounds of a new day starting the workmen paving the roads, children waiting for the school bus.

  • I could still let the stars be filling the spaces in me: but what the heck, I might as well get up, I could do a load of laundry
  • Take the car in for a tune up
  • make a Dentist appointment

get back before the Young and the Restless.

Strange and all uncharted seems my destiny.!

With Poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke  4 Dec 1875 – 29 Dec 1926.