The Decision

I wrote this in grade 6

Darkness seemed to fall in on me.

I crept inside, I had a decision to make and I made it. Grasping my flashlight I scampered along till I came to a detour. I stopped and looked around to find bats hanging from the wall. I stormed onward seeking out my prize. Night fell outside and the bats left the cave now I was truly alone. I faintly saw a figure against the laughing darkness. My hand reached out and touched her mane. Finally I had found my prize, my lost pony.

Thoughts on time

Time is always there

Always moving forward is time

Running like a river, time seems to flow

It’s direction – always advances

Time has order- one thing after another

Time has length-duration

Time has a privileged Presence : only now is real

These are some thoughts about time,  with help from the internet.!

Guy at the computer

The guy at the computer.

Hoodie down over his eyes.

Gloves on, so I cannot see his hands.

No skin showing.

Deliberate strokes on the keyboard

Slowly moves the mouse.

Stares straight ahead at the computer screen.

Does not use his name on the face book sign in page.

Went over to a friend that was near by.

Came back to his computer, went off Facebook and went to a site

to kill Zombies.










End Game

  • At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go into the same box.
  • And the fish moved the Sea
  • The devil makes pots but no lids.
  • When she left, the room got a little darker.
  • Promises made at sea are not kept on land.

Lead Kindly Light With a rewrite.

Lead kindly light, amid the encircling gloom,

Lead thou me on:

The night is dark, and I am far from home:

Lead thou me on:

Keep thou me feet: I do not ask to see

The distant scene: one step enough for me.

Lead thou me on: to a town that provides a Tim Horton’s

As their coffee is delightful and the internet is reliable.

I loved to choose, and see my path; but now

Lead thou me on.

To where the jewellery is affordable as my lady should

have a locket to sway about her pretty neck as she walks thur the market place.

So long thy power hath blest me, sure it still

Will lead me on.

Lead Kindly Light  written by John Henry Newman 1833  With some changes made in 2019



Respect the line

I wake up to the sound of traffic.

Is there going to be a breakfast at the salvation army today ?

I go to the Peterborough Square to fill the time between breakfast and lunch.

I join the line at the food bank, respect the line.

I line up at the salvation army to get my Christmas hamper.

Respect the line.!

Sept 2019

If I could

If  I  could explain my feelings to you I would. If I could share the secert of my soul,

I would release it this rock that like a cross I bear.

But it fits me like a comfortable shoe, it belongs to me, it is who I am.

They say the truth will set you free, I remain a prisoner holding a silent key.

In this unjust world we stumble looking for a better day and a new tomorrow.

If though my eyes you could see the world a different place would be.